Doors And Rooms Walkthrough | Doors And Rooms Cheats

Doors And Rooms 4-9 | Chapter 4 Claustrophobia, Stage 4-9 | Doors & Rooms Cheats

1. TAP card in corpse hand, then TAP inventory.
2. TAP card, then TAP observe and EXIT inventory.
3. TAP each painting and observe jewels on neck.
4. TAP dynamite control panel and TAP this code :
7 – 5 – 9 – 4 – 5 – 7 – 4 – 5

5. Now TAP the arrow, then TAP door and EXIT room.

Doors And Rooms 4-9
Chapter 4: Claustrophobia
Stage 4-9
Doors & Rooms Level 4-9

Doors And Rooms Walkthrough
Doors & Rooms Cheats

Available on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Recorded on: iPod Touch (4th Generation)

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15 responses to “Doors And Rooms 4-9 | Chapter 4 Claustrophobia, Stage 4-9 | Doors & Rooms Cheats”

  1. dexter82 says:

    Sorry, but i didnt understand the solution….

  2. yoyo says:

    in Card

    A New Sense Of Lady


  3. brian says:

    I feel guilty enough cheating on such an awesome game, but when there is no explanation for the logic, I feel guilty and frustrated.

    • Sarah says:

      Look at the N on the wall by the lady with 7 jewels on her necklace. N is for North. Assign corresponding compass points to the pictures on the other walls, then assign values to those letters NESW according to the number of jewels on the necklaces in the pictures. N-7, E-5, S-4, W-9. Voila!

  4. Confused now says:

    It should only allow Mensa members to download this game. I would never work out some of these levels. Even once I’ve read the solution I still don’t see how you can just work it out with no hints!

  5. Jan says:

    I’m in Mensa and some of these are beyond me.

  6. Raynehavoc says:

    I, too, am a member of MENSA and some of these puzzles elude me

  7. Cynder7023 says:

    Damnit, thanks you for telling me. This stage is really shit to solve.

  8. kayrock says:

    Ditto on the mensa. The issue here isn’t the complexity of the puzzles, it’s that often there is an insufficient amount of data to make them solvable. Even when all of the elements are there, they sometimes lack the “rosetta stone” to lead you in the correct direction of logic. It’s like trying to triangulate a position with only a single marker. Sometimes there have been irrelevant bits of data thrown in for misdirection, but without they key information being available, they become more than red herrings and actually detract from the integrity of the level. Show me a series of 10 numbers and I’ll show you dozens of possible patterns represented. Without knowing the type of logic required, there is nothing to say that one pattern is more valid than the other. “Abstract” isn’t always good.

  9. Tassos says:

    I feel a bit better when I see other (clever) people confused about this stage. I generally don’t cheat. This is my first one in this game. But I thought I found the logic and made the necessary ‘varieties’. But damn! I couldn’t find the solution.
    From the whole phrase, why use just the “new sense”? Anyway…
    I would die I that room:(

  10. Gav says:

    Ha I’m in Mensa too this is the first level on this game I cracked and just looked at the solution. Even with the volume down I can still hear the ticking in my head. It’s a bit devious with the path on the floor that looks like a 4 meaning nothing and the capitals in the picture also a red herring.

  11. RyanW says:

    I recognized the compass right away (it’s not a four), but the “New Sense” thing is too buried in random words to guide the player to using the words as cardinal directions. Maybe if the N was red like a compass, or it was in caps…

  12. Anita says:

    I too got stuck on this because there aren’t enough pointers to the solution – a lot of them lack logic! It’s only the “Claustrophobia” section of rooms and doors that I’ve got completely stuck on (not all, but some)

  13. Zak says:

    I just think the whole series is lacking sufficient clues.
    Lots of times the relevant numbers and symbols can mean all sorts of things in relation to what the puzzle gave us, and the false leads does not always seem to be false. Most times there just aren’t enough pointers to tell us what to think. Like the ‘NEWSENSE’ for example. Without looking at this I would never have thought of that. 🙁

  14. emsninja says:

    If you enter, in 2 digit numbers, the amount of jewels on her necklaces on the bomb, it will give extra time.

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