Doors And Rooms Walkthrough | Doors And Rooms Cheats

Doors And Rooms 4-3 | Chapter 4 Claustrophobia, Stage 4-3 | Doors & Rooms Cheats

1. TAP cog on floor, then TAP hammer, now TAP cog in skeleton.
2. TAP metal pipe, then TAP man, now TAP both cogs on ground.
3. TAP inventory, then TAP hammer and TAP pipe.
4. Now TAP combine, then TAP strong pipe.
5. TAP use and EXIT inventory.
6. TAP yellow cog on ceiling, it will fall to the floor.
7. Now TAP inventory, then TAP red cog.
7. TAP use and EXIT inventory.
8. TAP control panel, then TAP top left cog slot.
9. TAP inventory, then TAP silver cog.
10. Now TAP use and EXIT inventory.
10. TAP control panel, then TAP top right cog slot.
11. TAP inventory, then TAP both the blue and yellow cogs.
12. Now TAP combine, then TAP the giant cog.
13. TAP use and EXIT inventory.
14. TAP control panel, then TAP bottom middle cog slot to activate gearshift.
15. TAP door and EXIT room

Doors And Rooms 4-3
Chapter 4: Claustrophobia
Stage 4-3
Doors & Rooms Level 4-3

Doors And Rooms Walkthrough
Doors & Rooms Cheats

Available on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Recorded on: iPod Touch (4th Generation)

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13 responses to “Doors And Rooms 4-3 | Chapter 4 Claustrophobia, Stage 4-3 | Doors & Rooms Cheats”

  1. Vanessa says:

    The paper in the skeleton’s hand says 18 & 6. Why does red work for 18 and silver for 6?

    • Jennifer says:

      18=Red – Either because if you count the outer spokes and inner lines it is the only color than comes 18, or because R is 18th letter in alphabet.

      Hectagon= Silver – When you use the tools to remove it, there is a gold hectagon holding it in place. ( I think its called a hectagon- not sure if thats correct, dont judge!

      Green = Blue and Yellow combined because blue+yellow makes green.

  2. Audrey says:

    Red is 18 because of the spokes and cogs together add to 18. Not sure about silver and six. Maybe because six of them are dark?

  3. Montmorency says:

    Silver cog was fixed to the ceiling by a hexagon-shaped bolt.

  4. Anymous says:

    Before you gear down the silver, you will found that the gold screw with it, hexagon shaped, got 6 sides.

  5. Room Dividers says:

    I think I saw the skeleton’s hand move

  6. Beverly says:

    i think the:
    -left gear says 18 which means the 18th letter of the alphabet, which is R for red
    -center gear says green which means color mix of blue+yellow=green, which means combining the two gears
    -right gear says hexagon which means the cog fixed with a hexagon, which is the silver cog on the ceiling, previously fixed with a gold hexagon nut

  7. Cynder7023 says:

    Check these paper:

    18: Red Cog
    Green: Mix Gold and Blue Cog to make it green intead of greeen Cog cus it got broken.
    6: Use hammer and long tools (piller) to gather silver Cog (Silver Cog held by Hexegon Shape like 6 sides of shape)

  8. shae says:

    These games are pretty mint huh

  9. Maya says:

    in skeletons hand is a piece of paper telling you what cogs you need.

    18- Red either because R is the 18th letter of the alphabet or, 1 hole in the center and 8 holes around that.
    Hexagon (6)- the black/silver one was held to the wall by a hexagon shaped screw.
    Green- This is a bit confusing, if you dismantle the green cog it breaks, you have to combine the blue and yellow/gold to make green.

  10. Brandalik22 says:

    (1) The top-left cog is the red cog because of teeth and spokes maybe? 12 teeth + 6 spokes =18
    (2) The top-right cog is the silver cog from the ceiling that was held in by a HEXAGONAL bolt
    (3) the bottom cog is a mix of the large yellow cog combined with the smaller blue cog. Yellow+blue=green (like fingerpaints! Lol)

  11. Brandalik22 says:

    They could’ve made the animation of the gearbox look better, so that the teeth from all of the cogs looked like they were actually fitting together!! They dropped the ball on that!! LAME!

  12. ladygiveanear says:

    I don’t have a red cog but I do have a purple cog. When I try to use this purple cog I cannot escape the room. Any help you may have will be greatly appreciated.

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