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Doors And Rooms 5-4 | Chapter 5 The Kingdom, Stage 5-4 | Doors & Rooms Cheats

1. TAP White Tea Pot (top shelf), then TAP Inventory.
2. TAP White Tea Pot, then TAP DISMANTLE and EXIT Inventory.
3. TAP Rug (top corner) to fold back.
4. TAP Chess Piece, then TAP Flowers (left side).
5. TAP Fish (bottom right) in painting, then TAP Inventory.
6. TAP Fish, then TAP USE and Exit Inventory.
7. TAP Bear’s head, then TAP Drawer below Bear.
8. Now TAP Chess piece, then TAP Grandfather Clock to zoom.
9. LOOK CLOSELY at Wires (played on Harp later) ***
10. TAP Harp to zoom.

11. TAP Gold Strings on Harp in this order :
* 5 – 1 – 4 – 2 – 5 – 3

12. TAP Key on Harp, then TAP front of dresser to zoom.
13. TAP Inventory, then TAP Key.
14. TAP USE and Exit Inventory.
15. TAP Key Hole, then TAP Dresser Drawer to open.
16. Now TAP Paper in Drawer, then TAP Chess Piece.
17. TAP Inventory, then TAP Chess Piece.
18. TAP Paper, then TAP OBSERVE to view Chess Rules.
19. TAP Chess Board to OBSERVE locations of Sword Symbols.

20. Note Column Letter & Row Number :
* E7 – F7 – F5 – G5 – H7 – H6

21. TAP Typewriter to zoom, then TAP Symbols on Typewriter :
* Swords – 5 – 7 – Swords – 1 – Swords – 3 – 2

22. TAP Knife, then TAP Inventory.
23. TAP Knife, then TAP Dismantle.
24. TAP Knife, then TAP USE and Exit Inventory.
25. TAP Doors, then TAP Key Hole.
26. SOLVE Puzzle ***

a – TAP Squares to change all Locks to OPEN.
b – Use numbering system to identify squares to TAP :
c – Columns start to the left and move right :
* A – B – C – D – E
d – Rows start at the top and move down :
* 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

e – TAP in this order :
* B5 – C5 – A2 – B2 – D2 – C3 – D4 – E4 – E5

Doors And Rooms 5-4
Chapter 5 : The Kingdom
Stage 5-4
Doors & Rooms Level 5-4

Doors And Rooms Walkthrough
Doors & Rooms Cheats

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17 responses to “Doors And Rooms 5-4 | Chapter 5 The Kingdom, Stage 5-4 | Doors & Rooms Cheats”

  1. David A. says:

    * B5 – C5 – A2 – E2 – B2 – C3 – D4 – E4 – E5 is wrong 🙁

    The correct one is:
    * B5 – C5 – A2 – B2 – D2 – C3 – D4 – E4 – E5 (from the Youtube Video)

    • admin says:

      Thanks David. You are correct. This was a mistake in the directions. I think our brains were fried from doing this puzzle over and over again for about 4 straight hours to figure out the solution!
      We have made the update to the post. We appreciate the input and you visiting the site!

  2. Vicky says:

    How did you get Swords – 5 – 7 – Swords – 1 – Swords – 3 – 2

    • A says:

      I believe it’s the spaces where the pieces you found cannot attack (if you observed each piece, they tell you where on the board they go)..
      Swords on the board meant something is occupying the space therefore are not used in the passcode.
      Swords on the passcode meant that the column has every space has a space that can be attacked such as A because rook is on A8 and it attacks every unblocked space in that rock by it’s nature. 5 in the passcode means B5 where it is the only space in column be that none of the pieces could attack (also known as the safe zone).

      It’ll be easier if you drew the diagram of the board with all the swords and where the pieces are placed and then mark all the possible spaces where each piece move (if you don’t know how each piece move/attack, look at the diagram on the chess rules). Any space that isn’t marked is your password.

  3. Gil says:

    How did you get Swords – 5 – 7 – Swords – 1 – Swords – 3 – 2

  4. Matthew says:

    Draw out the chess board. Place the pieces you collected on the board. After you mark out the places on the board where the pieces could attack you, you are left with five spots, and the spots marked with swords.
    The lock box says safe zone. If you read the chess board from left to right, and read out the safe zones. The first column doesn’t have any, so swords. The second column’s safe zone is space 5. The third is 7; the forth has none; the fifth is 1; the sixth had none; the seventh is 3; and the eighth is 2.

  5. Hmmm says:

    But the knight should block the queen leaving more than one solution for two columns…

  6. Lev says:

    Big chank you, David,
    “The correct one is:
    B5 – C5 – A2 – B2 – D2 – C3 – D4 – E4 – E5 (from the Youtube Video)”

    – good answer 🙂

  7. Softball Girl 11 says:

    Thanks this level really had me confused for the longest time haha

  8. bonehead says:

    The code at the end isn’t working for me!!

  9. Precy says:

    I tried the solution B5-C5-A2-B2-D2-C3-D4-E4-E5 for the door puzzle but its still not working. Is there any other?

  10. Brad says:

    Gees. The chess code is – /57/1/32. Where the slash represents the crossed swords. Any column that has a sword space or can be attracted or occupied isn’t part of the code. For the column that has no safe space the code is crossed swords

  11. Brad says:

    The door puzzle is very easy. From the top moving across then down. Tap the square below the square that is closed. Do that all the way across then down and it solves it’s self.

  12. BB says:

    I’m not getting the typewriter code. Can anyone help?

  13. BB says:

    Never mind. Video helps a lot.

  14. Cgymnast says:

    B5, C7, E1, G3, H2

  15. Louis says:

    Actually the E row got 1,2,6
    G row got 3,6 and
    H row got 2,5 are safe zone , how to choose from those ?

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