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Doors And Rooms 4-7 | Chapter 4 Claustrophobia, Stage 4-7 | Doors & Rooms Cheats

1. TAP shovel, then TAP inventory.
2. TAP shovel, then TAP use and EXIT inventory.
3. Now TAP and undig all 4 graves.
4. TAP map on concrete slab, then TAP inventory.
5. TAP last cross, then TAP use and EXIT inventory.
6. TAP top part of map, then TAP inventory.
7. TAP inventory, then TAP last cross.
8. TAP use and EXIT inventory.
9. TAP right side of map, then TAP inventory.
10. TAP first cross, then TAP use and EXIT inventory.
11. TAP bottom of map, then TAP inventory.
12. TAP remaining cross, then TAP use and EXIT inventory.
13. TAP remaining slot on map.*
14. EXIT map and TAP control panel on wall.
15. TAP the following code : 1 – 0 – 3 – 5
16. TAP entryway and EXIT room.

Top Row = XI – XII – I – II
Right Side = III – IV – V
Bottom Row = VIII – VII VI
Left Side = X – IX

If you notice, these are the 12 numbers on a clock face.
So this is a clock. Now look at the position of the skeletons on the back wall.
Between them is a MINUS sign.

Using the left skeleton’s arms and legs as clock hands, we can determine the time to be: 12:20
Using the right skeleton’s arms and legs as clock hands, we can determine the time to be: 1:45
If you subtract an hour and forty five minuntes from 12:20 you get 10:35. So the answer/code is 1035.

Doors And Rooms 4-7
Chapter 4: Claustrophobia
Stage 4-7
Doors & Rooms Level 4-7

Doors And Rooms Walkthrough
Doors & Rooms Cheats

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13 responses to “Doors And Rooms 4-7 | Chapter 4 Claustrophobia, Stage 4-7 | Doors & Rooms Cheats”

  1. Victor says:

    How did you come up with 1-0-3-5? I’m clueless!

    • admin says:

      This is a tricky one. Once you place the + symbols (or crosses) you get a clock. Using the skeletons on the wall to figure out two time representations (12:20 and 1:45), you subtract (there is a minus symbol between the two on the grey stone wall) and you are left with 10:35. The answer is 1035.

  2. Nate says:

    What is the point of the scary as hell (heh get it?) eyes behind the prison esque door?

  3. bohoo says:

    if you wait long enough the demon behind the small door will break out. he’s hitting the door every 2-3 minutes (4 times).
    just saying and it’s not necessary to escape (in fact you’ll be dead if he gets out, obviously) I was just wondering where this sound came from.

  4. Ben says:

    The skeletons arms and legs DO NOT point to 12:20 and 1:45! The legs are pointing in exact opposite direction, meaning there would be exactly 30 mins difference in the minutes.

  5. Nicky says:

    Oh my gosh. The red demons eyes freaked me out. I thought that was the exit so i tapped it and i freaked.

  6. Jac says:

    I don’t see how the skeletons are saying 1220 and 145 ?

  7. Margaret says:

    So what is the significance of the numbers ofn the gravestones?

  8. Graham says:

    There is no way on earth that the first Skeleton is pointing at 12:20!

  9. cindy says:

    The position of the skeletons arms and legs correspond with the numbers on their gravestones if their limbs were clock hands and the numbers would be the time they are indicating. So then you’re supposed to look at the 2 on the wall as if they are also pointing at numbers on a clock. Take the 2 times and subtract them to get your code for the door.

  10. Lorne says:

    Margaret, I’ve noticed that starting from level 4, there’s alot of erroneous information within each level.

    I honestly can’t see how the skeletons point to 1220 and 145…

  11. Jonny says:

    Once you have put the 4 crosses in correctly you will see the red dots at 3, 6, 9 and 12. It is not a conventional round clock but if you were to put each of the 4 skeletons in the graves into the clock with the bodies where the body of the red skeleton is (not having to face the same way as the red skeleton body, but the same way they are in the graves) then you will see their arms (shorter hand) point to the hour, and their legs (longer hand) to the minute. For instance the far left skeleton points to the XI (11) with his hands, and VIII (8) with his feet. In terms of clocks that would be 11:40 as when the minute hands points at 8 it is 40 minutes. All the skeletons on the floor point at specific times which we are given a clue to in that it says that time on the grave stones. As we have the times for all of these skeletons it must be the 2 on the wall. One pointing at the XII (12) and IV (4) which is 12:20 in real clocks and the other (reminder do not turn his body to face the same way as the red skeleton, he still faces to the right just place the body in the same place as the red skeleton) pointing at the I (1) and IX (9) so in clocks that is 01:45. Then all you need to do is subtract (the big red minus symbol which is subtle as it looks more like a locked sign) 01:45 from 12:20 and you end up with 10:35 which is the key code 1035. I hope that helps explain how you deduce the fact it is a clock, the times on the gravestones and the minus symbol resulting in the correct key code.

  12. Helen says:

    Oh I get it! The numbers on the gravestones match the skeletons in the grave. They are examples. The skeletons on the door are the ones which show 12.20 and 1.45! They are not exact as the crosses you put in the spaces make a square not a circle.

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