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Doors And Rooms 3-1 | Chapter 3 Silent Hospital, Stage 3-1 | Doors & Rooms Cheats

1. DRAG screen upwards, then TAP cannister of WD40 in the box.
2. Go to inventory, then TAP cannister, TAP USE and EXIT inventory.
3. TAP ambulance license plate to zoom in.
4. TAP mud/grease on license plate to spray WD40 so numbers are visible. Note: the numbers are: 5728.
5. Close license plate zoom.
6. TAP padlock on chain on the back doors of the ambulance.
7. Enter code (from license plate): 5728 to unlock.
8. TAP back doors to open.
9. TAP crowbar on gurney in ambulance to pick up.
10. Go to inventory to USE crowbar.
11. Tap passenger side door of ambulance to open with crowbar.
12. TAP steering wheel to zoom in on ignition.
13. TAP key in ignition to turn ambulance on
14. Now DRAG screen to your left to see lights on back of ambulance.
15. Note the colors: yellow, green, red, blue
16. TAP control panel by the door.
17. Enter this color code from the lights on the back of the ambulance.
The colors in the video are: Yellow – Green – Red – Blue
18. TAP door and ENTER hospital.

Doors And Rooms 3-1
Chapter 3: Silent Hospital
Stage 3-1
Doors & Rooms Level 3-1

Doors And Rooms Walkthrough
Doors & Rooms Cheats

Available on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Recorded on: iPod Touch (4th Generation)

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4 responses to “Doors And Rooms 3-1 | Chapter 3 Silent Hospital, Stage 3-1 | Doors & Rooms Cheats”

  1. Nani says:

    hey! thanks for making these walkthroughs! they are very helpful:)

    i just wanted to say that i think the code depends on whatever color the backlights are after tapping the ignition. my backlights were yellow-green-red-blue so they other color code didnt work! just wanted to let you all know

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Nani! We appreciate the input. The colors are the lights aren’t random. We just had a typo in the directions. They are fixed now. The colors should be Yellow, Green, Red, Blue for everyone.

  3. Ronnie says:

    Chapter 3 is locked and I have completed all regular and bonus levels in one and two. What now?

  4. Frank Herendeen says:

    I appreciate the walkthroughs, I really count on them to finish some of these tasks.

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