Doors And Rooms Walkthrough | Doors And Rooms Cheats

Doors And Rooms 2-6 | Chapter 2 Secret Door, Stage 2-6 | Doors & Rooms Cheats

1. TAP the code : 5 – 2 – 9 – 3
2. Door will raise, then EXIT room.

Doors And Rooms 2-6
Chapter 2: Secret Door
Stage 2-6
Doors & Rooms Level 2-6

Doors And Rooms Walkthrough
Doors & Rooms Cheats

Available on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Recorded on: iPod Touch (4th Generation)

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12 responses to “Doors And Rooms 2-6 | Chapter 2 Secret Door, Stage 2-6 | Doors & Rooms Cheats”

  1. jd says:

    no logic what so ever. fail! its things like that make me want to uninstall the game

  2. boo says:

    Cross out all the numbers on the door and what’s left is 5293.

  3. lei says:

    boo how did u do it? when it crossed 5293 left, how did that happen?

  4. Patricia says:

    They don’t give all the details in this cheat… Click the box above the numbers on the door and you see what looks like lines with rectangles. Tilt your screen away from you and you see it is a set of numbers. Remove the slashed numbers on the door and you are left with 5293. Hope that helps!

  5. King A says:

    thanks boo. i couldn’t figure how they got to that. i messed the ‘crossing out’ part.

  6. nh says:

    It’s easy.. click the square on top of the number, u will find a line or code.. just lie down your tab or hp at the level of your eyes.. it is apparently a series of number.

    Number 8641 are crossed or slashed at the door which means number 5293 are left.. simple..

  7. john says:

    OH did I mention this game SUCKS!!!!!

  8. nyanya says:

    i cant see the numbers! wtf? i titlted the screen away from me and i just cant see anything apart from the lines! wow thats messed up. also that isnt a thinking puzzle its just stupid.

  9. dawn says:

    I am playing on a Kindle, tilting the screen does not reveal any numbers for me so the instructions above to ” Remove the slashed numbers on the door and you are left with 5293″ don’t make any sense to me. At least I have the code though so can move on. Thanks for that. I do agree this is not the best game.

  10. RodChester says:

    You pick up coins. Look at them and find the coin that matches the picture on the door. I think the code is 1593.

  11. JC says:

    Tilting makes it easire to see, but is not required; looking at the screen the Big Black boxes and thin lines make a number (8654219634) by removing all of the 8,6,4, and 1’s it leaves 5293 in order, the answer….. Actually a good puzzle, while frustrating as it may be it is still a good thought provoking level.

  12. yolo says:

    I agree with. NO LOGIC. I spent over a week on this and to find out there r some random numbers. But after reading the comments. Oooo[oooooo. I tried to divide the numbers cut them in half. Oh ok.

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