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Doors And Rooms 1-13 | Chapter 1 Rusty Key, Stage 1-13 | Doors & Rooms Cheats

1. TAP to pick up the cube in the oil puddle in the middle of the floor
2. TAP to pick up the pliers in the wood crate on the bottom shelf of the work bench
3. Swipe to the top right and TAP the return air vent to zoom in
4. TAP inventory, TAP pliers and TAP use
5. TAP the bottom left part of the vent to cut with pliers
6. TAP the keys to pick up and CLOSE zoom
7. TAP locker on top right with RED LOCK to zoom in
8. TAP inventory, TAP red key, TAP use
9. TAP red lock to unlock with red key
10. TAP screwdriver inside locker to pick up
11. TAP locker on top left with YELLOW LOCK to zoom in
12. TAP inventory, TAP screwdriver, TAP use
13. TAP screws on hinges on bottom of locker door
14. TAP sponge inside locker to pick up, TAP yellow key to pick up
15. TAP green bottle on top right of work bench to tip over and spill
16. TAP inventory, TAP sponge, TAP use
17. TAP puddle on floor where green bottle spilled to use sponge
18. TAP inventory, TAP sponge, TAP cube, TAP combine
19. TAP die (dice cube) and OBSERVE. Notice placement of the dots and numbers.
20. On the top face are 6 dots. One dot is red. You will need the placement of the dots to open the safe. To the top of the 6 dots are 4. To the left are 5, right is 2, below are 3.
21. Exit zoom on die, exit inventory
22. TAP safe under work bench. Notice the center is the 6 dot pattern from the die.
23. Enter code: Top is 4, Left is 5, Right is 2, Bottom is 3* (Even though you only see the 5 and 4, we can figure out that the opposites are 2 and 3 because opposites sides of dice always equal 7)
24. TAP the blue key to pick up, TAP the T shaped handle to pick up
25. TAP locker on top middle with GREEN LOCK to zoom in
26. TAP inventory, TAP yellow key, TAP blue key, TAP combine
27. TAP new yellow key, TAP use
28. TAP green lock to unlock with yellow key
29. TAP stone ring right inside locker to pick up
30. TAP inventory, TAP screwdriver, TAP use
31. TAP metal plate on left side wall to zoom in
32. TAP screws on metal plate unscrew
33. TAP plate again to remove
34. TAP inventory, TAP T shaped handle, TAP use
35. TAP slot to place handle, TAP handle to shut off lights
36. Close zoom on handle
37. Swipe to the right to see green glowing letters
38. Observer letter patterns in each row
43. Swipe back to light switch handle (red dot)
44. TAP the red dot to zoom in and TAP to turn the lights back on, then CLOSE zoom
45. TAP circle on the door on the left side to zoom in
46. TAP inventory, TAP stone ring, TAP use
47. TAP inner circle to place stone ring
48. TAP right arrow 3 times so letter pattern matches Row 1 from step 37 (above), TAP red triangle
49. TAP left arrow 5 times so letter pattern matches Row 2 from step 38 (above), TAP red triangle
50. TAP left arrow 2 times so letter pattern matches Row 3 from step 39 (above), TAP red triangle
51. TAP right arrow 6 times so letter pattern matches Row 4 from step 40 (above), TAP red triangle
52. TAP open door to exit

Doors And Rooms 1-13
Chapter 1: Rusty Key
Stage 1-13
Doors & Rooms Level 1-13

Doors And Rooms Walkthrough
Doors & Rooms Cheats

Available on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Recorded on: iPod Touch (4th Generation)

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